Dinosaur Micro Amp DSNA-01W

35 years active duty of guitarist, I better if there such a guitar amplifier is at hand! Making full use of the original, one-year Years of idea say that, through the trial and improvement across to again and again, give to all of the guitarist, made in Japan handmade of effector type micro guitar amplifier was completed in here!

is a very simple operation to say that the power ON & 1Vo. In the plug-in, but the sound output is overdrive sound ♪
edgy is unimaginable sound output from this size!

Incorporates a little playful, presence also excellent light speaker internal also in red!
By all means please try to take in hand ♪

● Manufacturers 1 year warranty

It is body lacquer paint, maintenance, please use the lacquer paint correspondence of cleaning agents.
built-in 9V battery is a test battery. Please use a 9V alkaline batteries When replacing a new battery.
In order to prevent the consumption of battery, please remove the jack from after use is always body. ON / OFF: plug-in ON / plug-out OFF ※ phone terminal cable use
Output: 0.5W ※ LED red lamp lights embedded in the speaker in the plug-in
Size: T125 × W60 × H35mm Weight: 230g
Body color: White ※ lacquered
Power supply: alkaline 9V battery test built into the main body (recommended 9V alkaline battery)
Continuous perating time: 8 ~ 9h ※ in the case of alkaline battery use

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